Beech Mountain

We went up to Beech Mountain today.  We have skiied Appalachian Ski Mountain and tubed at Hawk’s Nest Resort before, but we have not skiied Beech.  The roads were clear and the drive was an easy one.  About 30-40 minutes including the ride up the mountain.

The kids skiied, while Evan and I did some ice skating.  One thing on which we all concurred, it was FREEZING!  The temperature on Beech Mountain is about 20 degrees colder than it is at the cabin.

Mikey found an 8 foot icicle, but when he picked it up off the ground, it broke in half.  Still pretty huge!  The icicles hanging off the buildings were treacherous looking.  Because of the sun thawing and the temperatures freezing, everything was pretty slippery.  It was great to get back to our warm cozy fire in the cabin.

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