Christmas Eve – Christmas Day Ice Storm

P1010045Ray’s Weather was right on again!  Yesterday they predicted an ice storm would hit Boone starting at about 8PM Christmas Eve and last through the night into Christmas Day.  I was sure glad we stock piled all the firewood.  Ice storms are notarious for knocking out power lines.

The storm started last night,  just as predicted, about 9PM.  It was truly beautiful.  Every tree branch, every surface and even every power line was encased in a crystal ice covering.

P1010033What we found beautiful proved to be terrible for some.  At one point on Christmas morning, Blue Ridge Electric declared that 88% of Watauga County was without power on CHRISTMAS DAY!

How awful for families with small children expecting the twinkling lights of the Christmas Tree to herald in their visit from Santa!

What bad fortune for families hoping to have a large get together and cook turkeys, duck, roast beasts and more Holiday Fare.

We were so very fortunate!  We did not lose a single second of electricity.  Our power lines are underground, and our development has hardly ever lost power due to weather.

P1010047Snuggling in the cabin, we heard branches in the woods crack and fall under the weight of the ice.  A few smaller branches even hit our roof, but no damage was done.  Later in the day, we ventured out and up to the street.  As the sun warmed the tree branches, there was a ‘rain’ of ice crystals cracking and falling off the trees.  It was quite intriguing.

We are a bit concerned about the roads tomorrow when we have to head home.

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