Church of the Frescoes


A few miles up the Blue Ridge Parkway, in the town of Glendale Springs, there is the quaint church “Holy Trinity Episcopal Church“.  The church was built in 1901, but has undergone a recent revival due to the artist Ben Long.

Ben Long is a NC native who studied fresco painting in Italy.  He desired bringing his skill and artistry home.  He offered the frescoes in Holy Trinity Episcopal Church as a gift to the pastor Father Hodge.

A fresco is when a painting is done on wet plaster.  The plaster then dries along with the paint and the painting is a permanent part of the wall.

There are a number of frescoes in Holy Trinity.  The church is also in a quaint  town with a lovely park and soup shop across the square.  It is worth the drive from Bearfoot Hideaway.

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