No thanks to Delta – Delta Stinks

It is so very challenging to coordinate travel plans with adult children.  There is so much to take into consideration: cost, vacation time for 4 people, flight schedules, pet sitting, etc.  So when Jordan and Melissa were unable to make it to the cabin last year at Christmas, we were all sorely disappointed!  Add on top of that, Jordan’s bad luck with flying schedules.  He has experienced more flight delays, cancellations or misadventures than anyone else in our family.  So, when we were able to coordinate a late Fall weekend with them, we were all thrilled.

We arrived in Boone on Wednesday, Jordan and Melissa were arriving on Delta from JFK on Thursday evening.  Weather was fine, this time it would happen!

Well, Jordan’s luck being what it was, we got a call Thursday afternoon that his flight was delayed.  Then another call Thursday night that the flight was cancelled altogether.  They were putting them on an American Airlines flight the next morning, but the flight was from La Guardia, not JFK.  Delta put them up in a flea bag hotel at La Guardia airport and they were booked on a 7AM flight Friday.

6AM Friday morning, the phone rang….it was a MESS!  Delta never notified AA that they passed the ticket to them, so when Jordan and Melissa went to the AA ticket counter, they were told the flight was full and there was no seat nor ticket for them.  I can’t tell you how disappointing this was.  Evan was starting to feel that he would never be able to see Jordan unless he went to NY.  Time after time, flight mess ups cancelled our plans to visit with Jordan.

Jordan was furious, and with good reason.  Delta stinks at customer service!   He spent countless hours on the phone with Delta trying to find a way to get to NC.  After hours,  Melissa finally took over the negotiations, and managed to finally find a Delta rep who gave a hoot.  They booked them on a flight for Friday night, late.  They arrived around 1AM, worn but happy.

We had a wonderful weekend, but Delta totally screwed up their return flight!  It is a good thing Melissa thought to call and confirm everything before they got to the airport.  Delta completely cancelled them!  Rectifying this took the better part of Saturday afternoon.  Thank you Delta for living up to your reputation of being completely inept!

And on top of all if this, all Delta gave them was $150 off their flights to Lisbon.  GEESH!  I just pray Southwest would fly to Charlotte!