Divine Intervention?

For some reason beyond my reasoning, I blocked off the cabin for our use starting on a Thursday.  Normally, we arrive on Fridays and stay through both weekends, but for some reason, I (accidentally?) picked Thursday.

As it got closer and closer to the departure date for our Christmas Vacation, we saw the weather forecast was calling for a major blizzard to hit Boone on FRIDAY!

Our drive to the cabin was an uneventful 12 hour ride.  Evan & I stopped at Lowe’s Foods for groceries, keeping in mind that we might be snow bound for a few days.

This is our car after spending over $400 on groceries and supplies for the week, including our Christmas & Christmas Eve Dinner:

We have an SUV.  The entire trunk and backseats were piled to the ceiling with food and supplies to keep us happy and warm for the entire week, if need be.

When we awoke today, Friday, the sky was threatening.  My mission was to get the family to haul as much firewood and even sundry twigs and logs from our woods close enough to the cabin so we could get it in case the power goes out and we have to rely on the fireplace for light and warmth.

We moved 2 entire trees that had been downed earlier this year and piled the wood behind the cabin.  The kids also gathered about a yard of smaller twigs and branches to use for kindling.

We have about 1/2 cord of wood, but we could go through that if the power goes out for a prolonged period.  We have underground power lines, but you never know.

We finished about 11AM just as the snow started.  It came down slowly at first.  We all enjoyed walking and playing in the light snow dusting the ground.  We walked down to the river and enjoyed the snowflakes on our faces and eyelashes.

Goo loved catching the snowflakes on her tongue and Jenna seemed to really enjoy her first experience with snow.


We romped for a bit by the river and realized the snow was starting to come down heavier.  By the time we got back to the cabin, there had to be 2 inches on the ground.  They are predicting 16!

While we all love the snow and will have a wonderful time romping and playing in it, the disappointment is that Evan’s son and his girlfriend will not be able to make the trip to the cabin to join us.  Even if they are able to fly into Charlotte, with the snow that is predicted, they will not be able to make the drive up the mountain to the cabin.  Sad.

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