Game Over with the Rental Agent

Our rental agent has hit strike 3 and the game is over!

She rented our cabin out for a party.  The place was trashed and the hot tub was vandalized.  She tried to take no responsibility and claimed it was normal wear and tear.  For the tenants to leave the cabin full of party trash and food everywhere, and the hot tub to be left opened with food and trash in it, is utterly unacceptable.  All the trash in the hot tub got into the motor and caused the motor to seize and the mother board to burn out!  A repair of $2000!

When Jennifer arrived to clean,  there were streamers and balloons still TAPED to the walls.   Removing the tape also removed paint from the walls.  This kind of thing makes you lose faith in people.

We can only wonder how many other times something like this has happened, but the rental agent’s cleaner did not report it, or at least the agent didnt report it to us! 

We will be renting the cabin ourselves.  We have learned from a number of neighbors and folks we have met in Boone that the experience of renting it themselves has been very rewarding.  They all say that they get to know the people who rent the cabin and even form long lasting friendships and relationships with some of them.  I am actually looking forward to it!  It might take awhile with my schedule to get it all together, but it will be for the best.