More Rental Agent Issues

OK, now I am getting angry.  We arrived back to our cabin to find that we had 3 things stolen and the hot tub was disgusting.

The rental agent’s cleaning staff is supposed to take an inventory of our property.  We discovered that a large frying pan and a laundry basket were missing, but the thing that amazed us the most was that a painting was stolen off the wall!  The hook was left, but the painting was gone!

I can understand how a cleaning person could miss a frying pan…but a HUGE PAINTING???

On top of this, the hot tub was dank and disgusting.  The rental agent DENIED any responsibility.  He blamed the hot tub maintenance guy.  Well… it turns out that the hot tub maintenance guy is the rental agent’s BROTHER IN LAW!  We learned that he did not have a license to service hot tubs. 

Suffice it to say, we are rectifying the situation!

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