North Carolina Wine Tasting Festival

One of our favorite vineyards in NC is Raffaldini Vineyards.  It is in the Yadkin Valley region, about an hour or less from the cabin.

They have Wine Festivals a few times a year and we have been fortunate enough to be there at those times.  The weather is usually sunny and warm no matter what time of year we have visited.  Being outdoors in the bucolic orchards and vineyard is something Evan and I love.

Raffaldini Vineyards is located in Ronda, an area of the NC Piedmont that resembles Tuscany.  The vineyard has just finished a gorgeous tasting house, Villa Raffaldini, that looks just like what you would find in a fine vineyard in Tuscany.  Villa Raffaldini is constructed out of stone, distressed wood, slate, terracotta and stucco.  The rooms are adorned with authentic, traditional Italian art, statuary,  and wall hangings.  The marble fountain bubbles with authenticity and is a lovely focal point for weddings and special events.

The gardens surrounding the building are peaceful with breathtaking views of the valley.  There is always a wonderful spray of blooming flowers or trees.  The fragrance from the peach trees is scrumptious and  worth a visit to the Vineyard.  I love to watch the frogs in the lilypond.

It was great to be able to share this place with Jordan and Melissa.  We all enjoyed our tasting experience and spent a few hours sitting outside and absorbing the views and the weather.

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    I had the privilege of visiting these Vineyards a long time back. You can taste some of the finest wine here. The tasting sessions really get you pumped up. You just cannot wait to get your hands on that stem glass and take your first gulp!