Off our rocker


We took a drive up to the Mt. Airy region to do some ‘antiquing’. We stopped in at The Antique Mall of the Foothills. They call it antiquing, but I am used to real serious antiquing from the New England area. These are more like consignment shops, similar to the one on King St.
I love browsing all the old kitchen utensils, antique irons and meat grinders. Most of which I had seen in my grandmother and great- grandmother’s kitchens.
Evan loves all the old LP albums and rock n roll signage.
After browsing for hours, I went to sit in a rocker at the entrance of the shop. The shop’s proprietor said to me “oh don’t sit there.” When I asked why he told me “you’ll end up buying it, it’s so comfy”. I assured him I didn’t have need of another rocker and proceeded to sit down.
You too can try the rocker, as it now resides in the living room of our cabin.