Our new Property Managers

We are thrilled with our new property managers.  Jennifer and Tim take care of our cabin like it was their own treasured home!

Their first time to clean, they spent 8 hours cleaning from top to bottom.  Jennifer even told me there were some things that had not been cleaned since the cabin was built!  We sure paid the rental agent’s staff alot of money to do nothing.

When we arrived at the cabin last week, I was amazed to find how neat and clean every room, every closet and every corner of the cabin was.  The sheets and towels that the previous crew would throw in bags under the bed were neatly folded and stacked in the closet.  Not a thing was out of place. 

Jennifer takes a complete inventory of the items in the cabin, and when something goes missing, she has notified me immediately.  One tenant took our laundry basket and hot tub towels home because, as they told the rental agent: ‘they didnt have time to pack their suitcase’?!!??  The rental agent used their deposit to replace our laundry basket and towels.  Previously, the cleaners would not have noticed, or not have reported the loss and we would be responsible for replacing all the missing items.

Jennifer is a godsend to us and to the future ethical tenants who will be visiting the cabin.