Tubing down the New River

My daughters enjoying the trip!

My daughters enjoying the trip!

This summer has been brutally hot, so the family decided we would cool off by going tubing down the river by the cabin. The river was ice-cold, but once we got going, we couldn’t feel it anymore. The river was a bit slow and low, having been dry this season, but we had a great time, albeit at a slower pace.

 My brother’s family brought kayaks with them, so they ended up being way ahead of us, and we were half an hour behind them at one point!

After hours of sliding over rocks and unidentifiable plant life, we had finally decided that the trip had gone on long enough.

The trip ran long, about four hours, so everyone was exhausted and clamoring for the showers by the end of the day,  but we couldn’t have asked for a better way to cool off as a family!

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