Monthly Archives: May 2010

Our new Property Managers

We are thrilled with our new property managers.  Jennifer and Tim take care of our cabin like it was their own treasured home! Their first time to clean, they spent 8 hours cleaning from top to bottom.  Jennifer even told me there were some things that had not been cleaned since the cabin was built!  […]

Brinegar Cabin

A short drive farther up the Blue Ridge from the Church of the Frescoes you will happen upon Brinegar Cabin.  This cabin was hand built by Martin Brinegar in the late 1800s.  Somewhere around 1880.  The family lived in the small cabin on 125 acres of property, and raised their family of  at least 3 children here.  They […]

Church of the Frescoes

  A few miles up the Blue Ridge Parkway, in the town of Glendale Springs, there is the quaint church “Holy Trinity Episcopal Church“.  The church was built in 1901, but has undergone a recent revival due to the artist Ben Long. Ben Long is a NC native who studied fresco painting in Italy.  He desired bringing […]

Wine Tasting in Swan Creek

Raffaldini Vineyards in the Yadkin Valley opened their new tasting house.  It had been under construction for a few years.  It was well worth the wait! A visit to Raffaldini Vineyard Estates is like being in Tuscany.  The elevation, the weather and the view from the Piedmont is gorgeous.  The vineyard itself is massive and […]

Spring in the High Country

Springtime is one of our favorite times in the High Country of North Carolina.  The flowers are blooming, trees are all in flower and all the birds are coming back.  We already have 3 hummingbirds at our feeders.  Another reason it is so lovely to be here in the Spring is because it is still […]