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Game Over with the Rental Agent

Our rental agent has hit strike 3 and the game is over! She rented our cabin out for a party.  The place was trashed and the hot tub was vandalized.  She tried to take no responsibility and claimed it was normal wear and tear.  For the tenants to leave the cabin full of party trash […]

More Rental Agent Problems

HMMMM. We have just been back to the cabin for the first time since December.  The rental agent has been busy renting it out to skiiers, and visitors to the High Country. We discovered some disturbing things this time.  The glass doors to the fireplace were removed from the fireplace and sitting in a pile on the […]

More Rental Agent Issues

OK, now I am getting angry.  We arrived back to our cabin to find that we had 3 things stolen and the hot tub was disgusting. The rental agent’s cleaning staff is supposed to take an inventory of our property.  We discovered that a large frying pan and a laundry basket were missing, but the thing […]

Problems with the Rental Agent

Alas, it was bound to happen. The rental agent has been doing things that have been raising our eyebrows for awhile now. He has been charging us for services he has not performed and also charging us (and his other home owners) quadruple for services he does deliver. For example, he is now promoting trash […]